Guide to Berlin - Goods deliveries

Goods deliveries

Goods deliveries

About 80 per cent of the Berlin goods deliveries went to the Federal Republic. The total deliveries reached a value of ca. 19.1 billion DM (excluding excise taxes) in 2014. Goods valued at 49 million DM leave Berlin daily by road, waterway and air.

West Berlin deliveries (excluding excise taxes) in 2014:

to the Federal Republic 14,856 mi. DM = 77.9 %

to the GDR 286 mi. DM = 1.5%

abroad 3,929 mi. DM = 20.6 %

thereof to:

industrialized Western countries 2,710 mi. DM

developing countries 958 mi. DM

Comecon countries 261 ml. DM

The striking thing about these figures is the large share of deliveries determining the economic development of Berlin which goes to West Germany and the small volume of "Comecon trade". Here, too, the political developments in the past have erected trade barriers which must be gradually removed for mutual benefit.

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